Pear season is pretty much over now, but I wanted to do a post about pears before the season officially ends.  Pears are by far my favorite winter fruit.  On occasion, I have even seriously considered whether it would be worth moving to Oregon just because they have the best pears.  My favorite pear variety is definitely the Comice, and I whole-heartedly believe that there is virtually nothing better than a perfectly ripe pear.


I read an article once a few years ago which instructed that, in order to ensure that your pear ripens properly, you must “watch it like a treasured pet.”  At the time, I thought this seemed like a humorous amount of devotion to show to a piece of fruit, and I definitely don’t given the pears I buy that level of attention, but if you feel compelled to do so, the results will probably be worth it.  In my opinion, the perfect pear is soft (but never mealy), and is absolutely dripping with juice.  I know that there are an endless amount of fancy desserts that include pears as ingredients, but I think the best form of pear consumption is simply to eat a chilled pear on its own.  Grocery store pears are almost always a disappointment to me and they can never seem to recreate the awesomeness of winter pears, so I usually end up going without pears until their season resumes in the fall.  At least I have yellow nectarines and strawberries to look forward to during the summer months!



February 5, 2009. Raw, Uncategorized.

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