Chocolate-Orange Cake


One of my favorite cooking blogs is Fat-Free Vegan Kitchen, since I’m a huge fan of the healthy, oil-free desserts.  One recipe in particular that my family and I have completely fallen in love with is the Chocolate-Orange Cake!
My father described this cake with the words “supreme,” “phenomenal,” and “heavenly.”  High praise indeed, but taking into account the fact that the compliments were said about a fat-free, vegan cake by my omnivorous father (who drinks his coffee with heavy whipping cream), this positive feedback is off the charts.  My parents loved the cake so much that they  asked me to make it multiple times during my visit, and even took one of the cakes with them as a gift to their new neighbor’s housewarming party.
I made almost no changes to the original recipe, except that I used all-purpose flour for all three cups of flour because that was what I had on hand.  I also used store-bought orange juice instead of fresh-squeezed, but I used the zest from three actual oranges.  I’ve tried making the cake with soy yogurt and with coconut milk yogurt, and it has always turned out fabulously either way.  I’m not big on glazes, so I just dust the cooled cake with some powdered sugar if I want to make the presentation fancier, or just enjoy it plain.
Chocolate-Orange Cake is healthy, easy to make, and absolutely delicious, and I highly recommend trying it out!


March 25, 2009. Cakes.


  1. Laura replied:

    I love this cake! It’s pleased my omni relatives too, even my mum who doesn’t like chocolate cake!!

  2. Vegetation replied:

    Mmmm that looks incredible! And it just so happens I have a family members birthday coming up next week (and it just so happens that I adore chocolate and orange together, Yum!)

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