Coconut Muffins

Coconut Muffin

I’m a huge fan of coconut milk, and it’s one of my favorite ingredients to use in both sweet and savory recipes.  Since I tend to avoid baking with oil or margarine, the fat in coconut milk is also a great way to boost the richness in my baked goods.  This recipe for Coconut Muffins is very basic, but the end result is luscious and decadent without being too sweet.
The coconut flavor in the finished muffins is not overwhelming at all, so if you want a heavier coconut flavor, I would suggest substituting coconut extract for the vanilla.  Also, I usually use light coconut milk since it’s easier to find and moderately healthier, but if you prefer regular coconut milk then the muffins will still be delicious.  Also, if you like a sweeter muffin then it might be a good idea to increase the amount of sugar in the recipe to suit your preferences.
One of my favorite variations on this recipe is to make piña colada muffins by adding pieces of chopped pineapple to the finished batter (my sister said that this variation was her favorite out every muffin I’ve ever made).  Adding pineapple also helps to make the muffins a bit sweeter without requiring additional sugar.  If adding pineapple, it’s important to cut the pieces very small so that they don’t just sink in the muffin cups and make the bottoms of the muffins soggy.  Although I’ve never tried it, using dried pineapple pieces should also work well, though it would probably be best to partially rehydrate the pineapple pieces by soaking them in water before adding them to the muffin batter.  Another delicious variation is to add chocolate chips, melted chocolate, or ever cocoa powder to the batter to help satisfy chocolate cravings.
No matter how you choose to make these muffins, I hope that you’ll like them as much as I do!

Coconut Muffins

Coconut Muffins
Yield: 1 dozen

2 cups all-purpose flour
1 cup sugar
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 14 oz. can of coconut milk (a generous 1 1/2 cups)
1/3 cup unsweetened applesauce
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 cup shredded coconut (plus more to sprinkle on top)

Preheat the oven to 400ºF.

In a large bowl, stir together flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and salt.

In a separate bowl (or a liquid measuring cup), combine coconut milk, applesauce, and vanilla. Make a well in the dry ingredients, add the wet ingredients, and stir just to combine, then fold in the shredded coconut.  Spoon batter into muffin cups and sprinkle additional shredded coconut on top.

Bake for about 20 minutes and allow the muffins to cool before removing them from tin.  Enjoy!

Coconut Muffins


July 5, 2009. Muffins.


  1. Shelby replied:

    Those look scrumptious! I love coconut too =)

  2. Vegetation replied:

    Oh Yum!! I am an absolute muffin addict. I’m definitely trying these one’s!

  3. Mandee replied:

    I love coconut milk in baked goods too and adding pineapple is a brilliant idea, yum!

  4. Nathalie - Canadian Rockies Art replied:

    That recipe sounds lovely 🙂

    I’ve read that to prevent your pineapple chunks (or other fruits like raisins, blueberries, etc) from sinking at the bottom of your muffin & cake batter, etc, you need to coat them in flour first, then lightly mix them in the batter and scoop it into your muffin tins.

    They won’t sink down as the flour helps them stick/hold in place inside the batter.

    Give it a try 🙂

  5. Daisy replied:

    I would love to try the recipe but not with sugar. What do you recommend as a substitute?
    Thank you.

    • Vegan Sweet Tooth replied:

      Thanks for your interest in the recipe! I’m not at all an expert in regards to making substitutions for sugar, but maybe you could try using agave nectar and slightly reducing the amount of coconut milk? I would love to hear how the muffins turn out with alternative sweeteners!

  6. Christina replied:

    This is the second time I’ve baked these muffins. They’re great! I used whole wheat flour though, so they didn’t turn out as fluffy and white as your photographs. Nonetheless, they still have an awesome, rich flavour. Thank you so much for the recipe. My family loves them too! 😀

    • Vegan Sweet Tooth replied:

      Thank you very much for your comment! I’m so glad to hear that you and your family like the muffins!

  7. Hannah replied:

    I made these and they’re awesome! They’re cakey and yum 🙂

    • Vegan Sweet Tooth replied:

      I’m so glad to hear it! Thanks!

  8. CactusHeart replied:

    Actually Nathalie, I find it more efficient to gently fold the fruit into the dry ingredients just before adding the wet stuff. That way, the fruit gets coated in the flour (to prevent the fruit pieces from settling to the bottom while baking) and gets incorporated into the mix in one easy step. Of course, if you’re using dried fruit, it’s always best to soak the fruit overnight. Water will do…Fruit juice is good…Or rum…if you’re feeling a little frisky >;.P

  9. Genevieve replied:

    Nifty. I had no applesauce, but one banana mashed came to exactly 1/3 cup, and the flavor went well with the coconut. Very nice recipe. thanks! (and the results actually looked like the photo – an added bonus)

    • Vegan Sweet Tooth replied:

      Thank you for the comment!

  10. prerrnamirchi replied:

    I made these today and love the fact that I can do away with butter. Mum, dad and bro loved it and urged me to make again but with pineapple chunks as you mentioned. Thank you so much!

    • Vegan Sweet Tooth replied:

      Thanks for letting me know! I’m so glad the muffins were a hit!

  11. Almond Cake & Coconut Muffins « Heaven on a Spoon replied:

    […] in a large ziplock bag since weekend. And as I happened to have a vegan recipe bookmarked from Vegan Sweet Tooth for some very good looking coconut muffins, I felt it was perfect time to put the ingredient to […]

  12. Tammy replied:

    These are amazing!
    Thanks for sharing!

    What are those chocolate ones in the background in the picture?

    • Vegan Sweet Tooth replied:

      Thanks for your comment! The chocolate muffin in the background of the bottom picture is a variation of the original recipe that I made by adding some melted chocolate. I think I preferred the plain coconut and piña colada versions, but I do love chocolate and so I liked the chocolate variation too!

  13. Melissa replied:

    This recipe is incredible! My coconut milk wasn’t moist enough so I added a bit of vanilla almond milk as well and it turned out great!

    Is it alright if I pass this recipe along?!

    • Vegan Sweet Tooth replied:

      Thank you very much for commenting! I’m so glad that you liked the muffins. Please feel free to pass the recipe along!

  14. Gina Guillotine replied:

    Hi. Just wanted to let you know I stumbled across your recipe tonight, made a batch, and they’re nearly gone already.

    OMG. These are SOOOO GOOD.

    I’m going to make a post about this recipe with a link to your blog. Not that anyone READS my blog, but just in case anyone should FIND it, and want a recipe… LOL

    • Vegan Sweet Tooth replied:

      Thanks so much for the nice feedback!

  15. lauren replied:

    thanks for the recipe. i was looking online on my phone for a coconut muffin recipe and was SO HAPPY that it was mobile friendly! took my phone and your recipe into the kitchen and they are cookin up now!!!! i added a few dark choclate chips cause i had 1/3 cup left over from another baking endevor!!!!! thank you so much and cant wait to taste them they smell heavenly!!!

    • Vegan Sweet Tooth replied:

      Thank you for posting such a nice comment! I hope you enjoyed the muffins!

  16. Dess replied:

    Thanks for the recipe! I tried them yesterday and they are delicious! The texture is really good and I also like the fact that there is no egg or butter in them, but since I am a beginner muffin baker I have a question..Is the coconut taste supposed to be intense? Because mine taste like plain muffin with a hint of coconut. I followed the recipe to the letter and they smelled amazing while baking, but I expected a much more powerful taste. Is it normally like that or did I do something wrong?

    • Vegan Sweet Tooth replied:

      Thank you for commenting! I’m so glad that you tried the recipe and enjoyed it! I would say that the coconut flavor is not especially strong in these muffins, but it also might depend on the coconut milk and shredded coconut you use. If you want a less subtle coconut flavor then I would suggest substituting coconut extract for the vanilla extract. Good luck with your future muffin baking and thanks again!

      • Dess replied:

        Thanks! I’ll try that! I’ll also try reducing the flour and add more shredded coconut instead. But anyway thanks again for this amazing recipe!

  17. rebeccarn1 replied:

    My son and I made these today and they are fantastic!! I will definitely add them to the regular rotation.

    • Vegan Sweet Tooth replied:

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the muffins! Thanks for your lovely comment!

  18. Psychethos replied:

    Thanks for the recipe! I made these for some vegan friends (not vegan myself, and therefore no experience with vegan baking) and they were well received. I took out the applesauce and added dark chocolate, walnuts and coconut icing on top. Everyone was surprised that they were as moist and tasty as they were, as most people there had found vegan muffins to often be a little dry and flour-y.

    • Vegan Sweet Tooth replied:

      Thank you so much for your comment! Your modifications sound delicious and I’m delighted that the muffins were a hit!

  19. Vegan May replied:

    I did it it was amazing!

    • Vegan Sweet Tooth replied:

      Thanks for letting me know! I’m so happy you liked them!

  20. Kailey replied:

    I made these for my grad party last year and am pulling the recipe out again for the holidays. They taste so much like cupcakes, but without the extreme, overbearing sweetness. I love them. Plus, they are so simple to make…no butter or egg substitutes!

    • Vegan Sweet Tooth replied:

      Thank you so much for the wonderful comment! I’m delighted that you like the muffins so much. Happy holidays!

  21. Kristine replied:

    Yummo! I made these today in mini muffin tins for my baby boy. I used a quarter if the sugar and a little more pineapple + a bit of the juice and they were sweet enough and really delicious! Very friendly for kidkets with allergies too. Thanks for the recipe!

    • Vegan Sweet Tooth replied:

      Thank you for your comment! Your modifications sound great and I’m so glad the muffins turned out well!

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