Young Thai Coconuts

Young Thai Coconuts

I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I spent years wondering what young Thai coconuts were.  I would see them in other people’s carts at the grocery store or would notice them from a distance in the produce aisle and had no idea what they could be.  My curiosity finally got the better of me, and I’m so glad that it did, because after learning about young Thai coconuts and trying them for the first time, I am definitely hooked for life!

Young Thai Coconut

There’s a lot of great information about young Thai coconuts online (including instructional videos about how to open them), but it’s certainly not necessary to do extensive research before trying one.  Basically, look for a coconut that is white (without any pink or moldy spots), heavy, and that doesn’t make a sloshing sound when you shake it.  To open the coconut, turn it on its side and use a big knife to shave off the pointed top until you reach the coconut shell (as seen in the photo above).  My favorite method is to then use the heel of the knife to carefully but forcefully whack into the coconut shell, and then wiggle the knife until the shell lifts off like a lid.  Unlike mature coconuts, young Thai coconuts are easy to open with just a knife (I use my biggest chef’s knife), but you should be careful to make sure you don’t slip and cut your hand.
You can make tons of awesome raw desserts with young Thai coconuts, but I absolutely love to simply eat the coconut flesh and water with a spoon, especially on hot days after the coconut has been thoroughly chilled in the refrigerator.  A young Thai coconut is also a perfect way to start the day, or it makes a delightful and healthy snack, since coconuts are very good for you, in addition to being incredibly delicious.  After years of wondering, young Thai coconuts have quickly become one of my favorite foods, and I think anyone who’s curious should give them a try!

Young Thai Coconut


August 15, 2009. Raw.

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