Raw Ice Cream Brownie Balls

Raw Ice Cream Brownie Balls

One of the best things about making raw desserts from simple ingredients like fruit and nuts is that no matter what ratio of ingredients you use, you’re almost certain to end up with delicious results.
In the case of these Ice Cream Brawnie Balls (I can’t think of anything better to call them), I didn’t follow a recipe and had no idea how the dessert would turn out.  The ingredients I used were soaked walnuts, the flesh of a mature coconut, Medjool dates, cacao powder, and a little bit of agave nectar.  The soaked raw walnuts were the primary ingredient, so the finished dessert was rich and creamy and reminded me of ice cream.  The coconut added a great depth to the flavor, and the Medjool dates helped the dessert stick together while boosting the sweetness.  The cacao powder gave the walnut mixture a rich chocolate taste, and the agave nectar helped balance the cacao’s bitterness.
To make the balls, I just processed the walnuts and coconut meat in my food processor until they were very finely chopped, then added the other ingredients and processed again until the mixture became a cohesive dough.  I scooped the dough into even portions using my cookie scoop,  rolled them into balls, chilled them in the freezer until firm, and then rolled the balls in more raw walnuts that I had soaked, air-dried, and finely chopped.  The finished product was a bit like bon-bons, a bit like brownies, and a lot delicious.
Even when there’s no precise recipe to follow, it’s hard to go wrong when making desserts with such healthy and tasty ingredients!

Ice Cream Brawnie Balls


December 5, 2009. Raw.


  1. Mandee replied:

    They look amazing!

  2. appifanie replied:

    So awsome!

  3. Michal replied:

    Holy moly!

  4. caroline replied:

    great! but could you be a little more specific on the measurements…?

    • Vegan Sweet Tooth replied:

      Thanks for commenting! I actually didn’t follow a recipe when I made these and I was just sort of playing it by ear so I don’t have any specific measurements to share. It’s been almost two years now since I made them so I don’t remember what I did too clearly, but I would suggest processing about two cups of soaked walnuts and the flesh of one young thai coconut, and then adding enough dates to make the mixture cohesive, and cacao powder and agave nectar to taste. It’s really hard to go wrong with such a healthy and delicious combination of ingredients in whatever ratio you end up using them, so even if your final dessert is slightly different I’m sure it will be great. Thank you again for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment!

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